My Sexy Nerdy Billionaire

My Sexy Nerdy Billionaire

By, Venus Wille

Copyright 2018 Venus Wille

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My Sexy Nerdy Billionaire

“Oh, when Wilbur and I were married we had a lot of fun in the bedroom,” Veronica slurred drunkenly. She was completely tanked by this time. She was fifty-something with long, glossy black hair with a shock of white on one side of her part near her face. That night she wore form-fitting black leather pants with a silk burgundy boatneck top that fit her loosely but caressed and clung to her as she moved, hinting at her still small waist and shapely breasts.


We had gotten together for thanksgiving so that Wilbur could see the two boys that they had together. The boys, 17 and 22, were on the couch in the other room playing video games while Veronica, Wilbur and I had drinks around the kitchen island. We had all finished our feast created by Veronica’s chefs, paid for by Wilbur, just like the rest of her lavish life. I shouldn’t complain, my lavish life is also paid for by Wilbur. I’m just being petty.


Wilbur blushed at Veronica’s bragging. “Why don’t we talk about something else?” He tried.


“Hmmm… why so shy all of a sudden, big Willie? Remember when I used to call you that?” she winked at me, as if this were some private joke that we were in on together. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. What the hell was her end game here?


“Seriously, sweetie,” she turned to me, “it was like we invented sex. I mean we tried every position you can imagine. The neighbors in the apartment next to us used to bang on the walls because we kept them up at night. I’m sure they were masturbating to our sounds of lovemaking.”


Owen, their younger son, walked into the kitchen to grab a leftover croissant. “Mom! Gross!” he yelled.


Veronica looked at me and laughed. I joined in, not really knowing how to handle this woman. Wilbur and I had been married for 2 years at that point and I still hadn’t figured out how to maneuver this somewhat terrifying ex of his. She just didn’t follow social conventions.


“Oh, I think Nick is ready for us,” I said to Wilbur. “Did you get enough time with the boys?”


“Oh I think they’ve had enough of me,” Wilbur said.


“Veronica, always a pleasure,” he said as he leaned in to peck her on the cheek. She turned her head at the last moment and his kiss, intended for her cheek landed on the side of her open mouth. He gave her a polite hug with a couple of pats on the back and after a few more formalities we were outta there.


Nick stood at attention in his understated uniform that flattered his dark, glittering eyes and his athletic build. He held the door for me, “Mrs. Brown,” he said with a nod he held the door of the towncar open for me with one hand while he guided me in with another hand on the small of my back. It felt good to be back in Nick’s world again. Veronica had shaken me. The way he said “Mrs. Brown” was always thrilling because of his sexy voice and the way he made unbroken eye contact with me, he made me feel naked every time he looked at me but I found myself wanting him to keep looking. I felt understood by Nick even though the words that we exchanged were few.


“I’m so sorry about her,” Wilbur started, “she is just so easily threatened, you know,” he said.


“Yes… I noticed.” I said coldly. I wasn’t mad at Wilbur except that he had unbreakable ties with this horrible woman.


It was an hour drive, by the time we got back home, I had a plan formulated in my mind. It was broken down like any other project that I work on. I was high on all of my business school phrases… I was going to synthesize, there would be a paradigm shift, I knew I had the bandwidth to do it, I was going to aim for the low-hanging fruit, I hoped that there would be nothing viral! I chuckled to myself at my business puns but I wish I had realized that I was being truly ridiculous… it could have saved us some serious heartache and headache. Sex is not business (for us anyway) and approaching it like it is business is risky territory for a marriage. But, I digress. At the time , I was on a mission. I applied the same problem-solving strategies that I use on everything in my life and I was completely confident, completely oblivious, completely stupid. I wasn’t planning to tell Wilbur what I was up to… he would see right through me and know that my actions were motivated by jealousy and he’d try to talk me out of it.


I typed up my pro-forma as soon as I had a few minutes. I printed it and pinned it discreetly on my bulletin board in my office, behind a “Hang in There” kitten poster.


Goal: Incorporate Bedroom Spice Into Marriage;


Vision: Once we have incorporated Bedroom Spiciness into Marriage we will be more energized, have a new layer of intimacy and closeness in our relationship, Wilbur will spend less time on hobbies and more time with me, I will be the best wife that I can be (and that he has had); more possibilities will open up that are not currently anticipatable.


Measurements of success:

  1. Wilbur initiates intimacy a minimum of 5x per week
  2. Wilbur spends 10 fewer hours per week on hobbies and spends those hours with me
  3. Stretch goal: Wilbur brags about sex life to someone


Strategy: The project shall be carried out in 3 phases, detailed below:


Phase 1: Lose weight; objective: be more attractive to Wilbur; lose 60 lbs by May 5 (2 months/60 days/1lb per day)


Phase 2: Buy sexy clothes; objective: be more attractive to Wilbur; have sexy clothes in time for weight loss goal


Phase 3: If goals are not being met, escalate strategy by introducing possibility of threesome/another woman


Supplies Needed: 1. Weight loss supplies; 2. Sexy clothes in new, smaller size 3. Attractive, willing females




I mean… Sometimes it’s nice to be married to a billionaire… I converted one of the guest houses into my personal gym. Wilbur didn’t even notice because it was on the other side of the estate from where he tinkered on his projects and he always just missed the delivery guys.


I had my stylist, Hattie, bring in a few racks of fitness apparel for me to choose from. My favorite were the spandex pants (great for preventing thigh chafing!) in a milky way print (the galaxy, not the candy bar). “Wilbur would probably like these,” I thought. I got all the bras- pink with white polka dots, white with pink polka dots, black mesh with pads, grey and red tie dye, aqua with white trim, shirts that looked like bras and bras that looked like shirts!


I must say that I looked fucking adorable in my new workout clothes! It even made me wonder if I should be losing weight at all! My big booty looked like BLAM in that milky way spandex… out of this world, if you will. (lol.) I didn’t realize that I had been covering up my body in the boxy clothes that I had been gravitating towards, even with Hattie’s help, I just seemed to pick the shapeless tent clothes that I could hide in (to be fair, Hattie was constantly trying to talk me into taking risks and to “show off those curves.”)


In one outfit I had, magenta and black spandex pants with a matching sports bra and a long, fitted black racerback tank, I could not stop staring at myself in the mirror. I had always just felt like a big blob of a girl who grew up to be a big blob of a woman but when I actually wore clothes that clung, I could see that I had a pretty amazing rack that defied gravity, even without the sports bra on. In fact, I liked the way I looked with just the spandex pants on and nothing else. My nipples hardened, lifting my firm breasts even higher than they stood naturally. The pants pulled in my waist, which I hadn’t realized that I even had. I stared in the mirror, admiring this seemingly new body and found my hand caressing my breasts slowly and gently and then reaching back to touch my ass as I turned in the 3-way mirror to watch.


My vulva was awakened. I put my shirt on quickly and ran barefoot across the dewy, freshly cut grass to our bedroom where I had a hiding spot for my vibrator. Wilbur didn’t even know that I had one. I was kind of embarrassed about it, to be honest. For one thing, it looked like a giant, purple, veiny cock, and for another thing, I just… didn’t like to lose control in front of others, not even Wilbur. So this was my little secret for when I knew I could be alone. I went to our bathroom, turned on some Sade, and locked the door. I peeled off the spandex, got completely naked, and admired my creamy, soft, smooth folds in the mirror. Then lay on the floor with my legs up on the tiled wall and as soon as the vibrating cock made contact with my alert, primed clit, I lost myself in the agony of  pleasure with my battery-operated friend. I felt my whole body come alive with feeling and then a gush of relaxation surged through me as my natural juices flowed gently. I wanted more but my legs were shaking and I couldn’t handle another second of stimulation, it was just too much. Tears of release slipped from my eyes and rolled down the sides of my temples into my hair.


Someone knocked on the door and I tensed up.


“Honey, you in there?” Wilbur called through the door in his gravelly voice. Wilbur is much older than me and I have always loved his voice.


“Yep, I’ll be out in a minute!” I called back, blushing, despite myself. I sprayed air freshener all over the bathroom, put on my robe, stashed my vibrator, and thoroughly washed my hands before opening the door.



Shopping for clothes and gym supplies wasn’t the only fun part of getting started. I also started to learn about the wide world of porn… I figured a little extra research couldn’t hurt! There is so much porn out there. I didn’t even have any clue that there was so much and so many acronyms… BDSM, S&M, MILF porn, Cuckhold Porn, ATMA, One of my favorites, MASH (mature and super hairy) It goes on and on.


The first week of my weight loss phase was amazing. I was energized to see what I was going to look like. I did three workouts a day. Our chef was making… well… the food wasn’t that great. I have always loved comfort food and butter. But that first week my excitement carried me through and I lost 4 pounds. I felt buoyant, and excited, and… excitable. I was summoning Wilbur to the bedroom several times a day and I had to replace my vibrator batteries twice! By the time the third week rolled around, however, I was starting to feel miserable. I was hungry all the time, my weight loss was not anywhere near where I wanted to be for my goal, and I was even snapping at Wilbur! It was hard to follow my business plan for this project because my brain was just never working. I always felt like I was half-asleep.


I tried finding support for my weight loss project and the attitude that I kept encountering was that it was my own character flaw that I didn’t have the willpower to starve myself.


“Fuck that,” I decided, “fuck this diet.” Plus, I figured, I already looked adorable in all my new gym clothes! I did however love how energetic I was from all the exercise. I cut down my daily exercise  to one or two workouts a day with two or three days off during the week and I really did feel great.


Wilbur is kind of oblivious, he noticed that I was wearing a lot of spandex but he had no clue that I had lost any weight. Then I moved on to the sexy clothes phase. Hattie got me some really cute stuff but Wilbur was still oblivious and it was still me initiating all of our lovemaking. I was really hoping to excite his inner animal so that he would ravish my body the way I imagined that he couldn’t keep his hands off of Veronica back in their day… my ego tired of instigating.


So… I finally decided to just go for it and find another woman to bring into the bedroom. Totally irrational, right? I know. Melissa had long brown hair she was in her mid-20s a good 10 years younger than me and 30 years younger than Wilbur. It seemed like she does this a lot, she was not shy at all. After a few coordinating phone calls and a conversation with my attorney, I sent Nick to pick her up from her apartment. She showed up in jeans and a t-shirt and flip-flops. She had a fresh perkiness about her.


“ do you mind if I take a shower and get ready?”  Melissa asked.


“ oh no of course not,” I told her.


I walked her to the master bathroom and showed her where the towels are. Then I was off to find Wilbur. I went to his wing of the house where he was tinkering with a ham radio.


“Wilbur,”  I said, “ I would really love for you to come to the bedroom right now honey.”  This had been the line I’d been using in my recent horny renaissance. Like one of Pavlov’s dogs, he knew what that mean and, like a good puppy, he got up and ran to the bedroom, probably drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs. (I hoped he was, anyway.)


Wilbur has an amazing body for being such a cerebral guy… and he knows it. He’s taken really good care of himself, he is strong and flexible and his salt-and-pepper hair is so sexy. I love his deep voice and his broad shoulders. He is usually so engrossed in his projects, however, that he is not extremely romantic. I’m guessing he’s always coasted on his looks with women. Being a billionaire didn’t hurt either but he had been poor once, a lifetime ago.


“Oh, shower time, huh?” he asked me as he was walking into the bathroom. He probably thought that I was getting the shower all steamy and hot for him, little did he know there was a surprise waiting for him… He walked into the bathroom naked and screamed comically.


“Ahhh! I’m so sorry!” and ran out of the bathroom.  To be honest it was hard not to laugh! I really should have prepared him for this. I went into the bathroom and took my clothes off and turned to look at him over my shoulder and caught him getting a good look at my big, soft ass.


“Wilbur… meet Melissa… won’t you join us?” and I gestured for him to follow me.


“Oh…” Wilbur said. I could see that as his shoulders relaxed his penis began to stand at attention. I had tried looking on all of the menage-a-trois websites to find someone who could be a fun addition but ultimately I decided to go with a professional, Melissa was a high-class prostitute. We really just needed someone who could guide us through this and then leave when I tell her to.


“It’s nice to meet you Wilbur,” Melissa said from the shower in her sultry Working Girl voice. He reached out his hand, awkwardly for her to shake it and she reached towards his erect penis instead of his hand.  Wilbur stepped into the large steamy shower, I followed behind him. I got some body wash and started rubbing his back and squeezing his butt. Melissa bent down to her knees and stuck his long, hard throbbing cock deep into her throat. She gagged briefly, not an uncommon problem with Wilbur, but recovered quickly. I soaped up my breasts and circled them rhythmically all over Wilbur’s back and Melissa reached around and stuck her thumb in his asshole while her mouth continued to pump robotically on his cock. She gestured “come hither” with the remaining fingers on her hand for me to approach. I stepped forward and she caressed my clit in a tantalizing swirl pattern.


I had almost reached the crest of climax but I chickened out, I just couldn’t lose control in front of them. I reverted my attention back to Wilbur and his pleasure. And pleasure he had. I excused myself for a little while to go pee and I just couldn’t help it, I started to cry as I sat there on the toilet naked and dripping soapy body wash everywhere.


“What is wrong with me?” I wondered, “Why can’t I cum in front of anyone?”


I pulled myself together and went back in with a forced smile plastered on my face. I was determined to get through this. They were too lost in their excitement to see my puffy eyes or to notice that my smile didn’t reach my eyes.


“Let’s go to the bed,” I said through the steam in my sexiest voice. Wilbur and Melissa followed me into the bedroom. Wilbur and I gaped at Melissa’s body, which hadn’t been fully visible in the steamy bathroom. She was tall and had long, elegant muscles rippling under her silken skin. Her breasts were, I think, implants, they were so spherical and high. Their exaggerated shape were eye magnets, I couldn’t stop staring at them. Her body was toned and tanned. I looked down at my soft, doughy white body.


“Melissa,” I said, “will you please guide us?”


“Yes, Mrs. Brown. Mr. Brown, will you please lie down here,” and she pointed on the bed.


“Mrs. Brown is going to fuck you know, Mrs. Brown,” she said, with a glint in her eye.


I climbed on top of his throbbing dick and felt that familiar thrilling fit as I slid him inside of me. I started rocking back and forth as Melissa slapped my ass to the rhythm of our lovemaking.


“Ouch!” I yelped. It was starting to hurt!


“Oh, sorry,” she said and knelt down and placed my bouncing tit in her mouth and suckled hard while grazing my nipple with her teeth. I felt a surge of electricity run through my body and Wilbur moaned in pleasure when my pussy involuntarily contracted in reaction to Melissa’s mouth.


I leaned back on Wilbur’s  dick and grabbed his toned thighs with my hands, and scratching him with my nails as I was grinding rhythmically.


Melissa, I realized, had been masturbating next to me and she started moaning in pleasure. She crawled on her knees over to Wilbur’s shoulders and lowered her cunt down to his mouth. I watched as he opened his mouth and extended his long tongue inside her womanhood.


The three of us convulsed and moaned together like we were one beast together with a syncopated beat. And when it was over, we lay, tangled in each other in our expansive bed, sweating and panting.


I woke up what felt like hours later and Wilbur’s head was nestled between Melissa’s silicone breasts. I gently moved him over to a pillow and then put on a robe and then shook Melissa awake, not so gently.


“Thank you for your service,” I told her, “it’s time for you to go.”


After she got dressed and gathered her things, I walked her to the door and reminded her of the generous payment she received that night, half was paid up front and I showed her proof of the wire transfer completed while we spoke at the service door to the garage. With the money that she made that night she could take a year off if she wanted to. I just hoped that it was enough to quell any temptation to extort us.


“Do not forget the non-disclosure agreement that you signed, Melissa,” I reminded her.


“Of course, Mrs. Brown. I am a professional. I hope to serve you again in the future.”


I opened the door and gestured to the garage where Nick was waiting to drive her home.


Nick nodded to me and, I couldn’t quite tell in the dim light, but it looked like he may have winked at me. He was a smart guy, he probably had an idea of what we were doing with this gorgeous, shapely late-night visitor.

I always had a little crush on Nick, I felt all hot and bothered as he and Melissa drove off in the towncar. Had he visualized our night’s activities? I blushed.